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A Behavioral Analysis of Circular Footing For Its Bearing Capacity |

Sebok, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Earthreinforcement is an effective and reliable technique for increasing thestrength and stability of soils. The technique is used today in a variety ofapplications ranging from retaining structures and embankments to sub gradestabilization beneath footings and pavements. Reinforcement can vary greatly;either in form (strips, sheets, grids, bars, or fibers), texture (rough orsmooth), and relative stiffness (high such as steel or low such as polymericfabrics). In past practice reinforcements have typically consisted of long,flexible, galvanized steel strips with either a smooth or ribbed surface. Mostfield research to date on the mechanics of reinforced earth has tended to focuson high modulus, steel strips. (Wasti YButun MD [1997])However, randomly distributed fiber reinforced soilshave recently attracted increasing attention in geotechnical engineering. Asdeveloped during the past decades, the yield design theory provides an approachto the stability analysis of civil engineering structures under seismicconditions which has been often used, explicitly or implicitly. New resultsrelated to circular footings resting on a purely cohesive soil, taking intoaccount the horizontal inertia forces, are presented in this paper forpractical applications to the safety coefficient to be applied to the verticalload when designing seismic foundations.