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Security of Online Payments By Ssl (Secure Sockets Layer) |

Zahoor Dar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Allof us are a part of an age where everything is online. Such is the testimony ofthe boom that every possible thing which deals with consumers has gone online.On the internet numerous support services are provided to the customers. Onlinepayment is a crucial process in e commerce. The payment activity requires theuse of high security to protect online transactions from any unauthorized useon the internet. In some cases data is transferred in an encrypted form througha secured medium. Different payment mechanisms are available on the internetand each and every customer has the option of using the one that suits theirrequirement. Normally there are three common methods of payment which are ecash, e cheque as well as credit card. In this paper we analyze the varioussecurity measures which can be adopted for the security of the online payments.