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An Analysis upon the Level of Lipid Profile among Patient with Diabetes Mellitus: A Review | Original Article

Sanjay Kumar Pandey*, Akhilesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Mellitus has been known to be associated with lipid disorders and cardiovascular complications. The age of the patient and duration of ailment has been variously believed to influence the lipid Pattern. The lipid parameters studied were Triglycerides, Total cholesterol, Low Density lipoprotein and High Density lipoprotein. There were anomalies in lipid profile whose pattern did not skew to any age group nor duration of illness (p>0.05). In Diabetes mellitus age and duration of illness are not reliable indices for lipid profile prediction. India continues to be the "diabetes capital" of the world, and by 2030, nearly 9 percent of the country's population is likely to be affected from the disease. Overall diabetes mellitus is closely associated with Dyslipidaemia but age group and DM duration may not be strong indices for lipid profile prediction especially with respect to subjects under management.