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Effectiveness of Endorsement on Advertisement a Customer Prespective |

Gaurav Vashishtha, Dr. Satyapal Yadav, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Consumers who areparticularly knowledgeable about a product or service or have stronglyestablished attitudes may be less influenced by a celebrity than those withlittle knowledge or neutral attitudes. For example one study found thatcollege-age students were more likely to have positive feelings toward aproduct endorsed by a celebrity than were older consumers.Tellis (1998)discussed financial risks as a risk associated with celebrity endorsements.Celebrity endorsements have become a part of many advertisers’ promotionalstrategy and companies pay millions of dollars each year for the endorsementsof their products by athletes.21 It is important for advertisers toconsider if the celebrity endorser is worth the investment. For example, thecosts associated with using celebrities as endorsers are rising. Somecelebrities endorse several products, sometimes even switching theirendorsements to rival brands; the negative publicity generated by somecelebrities has added the potential risk of negative impact which can result indecreased sales.