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Study on Achievement-Related Beliefs of Students In Secondary School, Including Beliefs About the Nature of Abilities |

Suchitra Bhattacharjee, Dr. Prem Mehta, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The purpose of this study is to test atheoretical causal model concerning how elementary and secondary schoolprincipals can influence school student achievement through the frequency ofimplementation of certain instructional leadership behaviors. After controllingfor contextual variables, we hypothesized that three latent variables relatedto principal instructional leadership (school governance, instructionalorganization, school climate) affected student achievement. A total of 332 teachersand 56 school principals participated in the study. We conducted separateanalyses of the proposed model at the individual and school level. The resultsconfirm that the proposed model fit the data. We discuss the theoretical and practical implications of theresults.