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Study on Secondary Factors on Giftedness of Children |

Sunita Kumari, Dr. Prem Mehta, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Some children are born withinnately high levels of intelligence. These children are often labeled giftedor talented. Many researchers have investigated the early characteristics ofgifted children. Hollingworth (1942) reported that 78 percent of the teachers agreethat early detection of giftedness can be possible during early development.Children as young as preschool age tend to seek out highly stimulatingenvironments. According to Raine, Reynolds, Venables, & Mednick (2002)increased stimulation seeking at age 3 years is associated with an increase incognitive and scholastic test performance later in development. The advantagesof identifying intellectual abilities of gifted children at an earlier age willallow educators to place them in the developmental classes that encourage andpromote exploration in the domain of their giftedness. Tannenbaum   claims that the environment plays a majorrole in the nurturance of giftedness or higher intelligence. Giftedness andtalent require a special environment just as special education would.