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A New Approach For Pattern Generation |

Dipali Rani Podder, Dr. Kalyankar N. V., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Actual CAD systems are still monolithic and are based oncomplex geometrical models. Our aim is to implement a new mathematical approachbased on fractal geometry integrating the advantage of web technology andproviding a novice end-user with an easy- to-use system. In order to get thesame performances as a local system, it is necessary to provide our system withadequate data representation aid architecture. This paper presents a frameworkof web-based system to generate the patterns for ornamental objects. Theemphasis of this paper is to outline of methodology and architecture to developthe system, which depends on classifying the elements influenced in theconceptual design stage. The proposed system provides as tool for customer togenerate design alternatives according to designer’s preferences. Thus thecustomer can directly explore more alternatives and generate designs withhis/her styles from predefined images in the data base of system. Accordingly,to the requirement of customer, the whole system regenerate the designs usingthe power of macro programming. This whole system will use the power of Webtechnology and macro programming to generalize the designs.