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“The New Synthesized Betti’S Products As Potential Fungicides Activities” |

P. K. Pateriya, Dr. S. R. Poul, Sangeeta Parihar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Fungicidal activities of Betti’sreaction products, Quinoline compounds with cyano ethylated aromatic aldehydesynthesized new Betti’s products. 8-Quinolinols derivatives are well known fortheir Therapeutic value. A large number of compounds synthesized from8-Quinolinols have been used as potential fungicides activity. New SynthesizedBetti’s products by Betti’s reaction was carried out withBenzaldehyde-4-NN-bis-2’cyano ethyl-amino-benzaldehyde. The following Betti’sproducts are obtained and in present investigation 8-Quinolinols moiety, forstudying the antifungal activity. (i)            7- Α- anilino benzyl-8-Quinolinoland its derivatives. (ii)          Synthesized new hydrazone /hydrazide (iii)         Synthesize 4-4-diamino diphenylsulphone. (iv)         Synthesize malonanilic acidhydrazide. All the synthesized new Betti’sproducts have been antifungal activity and these compounds have been tested fortheir fungicidal activity against Helminthosporium oryzae, Aspergillus nigerand cephalosporium saccharii by the use of agar plate technique at 1000, 100,10 PPm.