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Resonant and Direct Components In the 3He.D, P.4 He Reaction at Low Energies |

Dharmesh Khare, Dr. B. K. Sinha, Dr. Abhijit Kulshreshth, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


New experimental results for the crosssection and Ayy tensor analyzing power observables of the 3He (d, p)4He reaction at a scattering angle of u =0° are presented for Ed=0.52,0.89, and 1.49 MeV, and all linearly independent scattering amplitudes at thisangle are calculated. A hybrid R matrix+potential model is used to fit theseresults and other 3He (d, p) 4He reaction data for Ed,1MeV. This analysis indicates significant direct process contributions to thereaction mechanism.