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A Contourlet-Based Image Watermarking Scheme With Removal and Geometrical Attacks |

Sapna Sangwan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Wepropose a new multiresolution watermarking method for still images based on thecontourlet transform (CT). In our approach, the watermark is a grayscale imagewhich is embedded into the highest frequency sub band of the host image in itscontourlet domain. We demonstrate that in comparison to other methods, thismethod enables us to embed more amounts of data into the directional subbandsof the host image without degrading its perceptibility. The experimentalresults show robustness against several common watermarking attacks such ascompression, adding noise, filtering, and geometrical transformations. Sincethe proposed approach can embed considerable payload, while providing goodperceptual transparency and resistance to many attacks, it is a suitablealgorithm for fingerprinting applications.