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Study on Crr & Slr Ratio and Impact of These Ratios on Interest Rates |

Veena Rani, Dr. Kalpesh B. Rao, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Customers of all the bankcategories don‟t have much more knowledge about CRR & SLR ratio whichindicates customers are unaware about the impact of these ratios on interestrates levied on them for various loans and received by them on variousdeposits. Because banks are not sharing any public message related to impact ofRBI regulation on banks. All the bank‟s customers are equally aware aboutinterest rates and loan charges that indicate each bank categories arecompetitive enough to inform their competitive interest rates and loan chargesto attract & retain the customers. Because of that for these products theyare putting transparent and frequent promotional efforts. In comparison with the publicbanks, customers of private & cooperative banks are more aware about allthe charges like account handling, debit-credit & ATM cards, chequebook-pass book , internet banking services, demat account handling whichindicates cooperative banks are more transparent in sharing their lower chargesrates and through this they compete and attract the people. Accordingly private banks are also doingwell to communicate their different charges through modern banking technologylike ATMs statements, mobile, internet & tele banking. Customers of private banks selectedtheir bank because most of them find comfort with it about bank‟s layout,physical facilities, availability of services like ATMs-tele-mobile onlinebanking ant convenient banking hours. Customers of private banks are moreinterested in availability of advanced services. In comparison with private bank,public bank‟s customers selected their bank because they find number ofbranches in different area, banking hours and comfortable banking layouts. Sothey are more concentrated for service reach and hours.