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A Secure Manets Tracking Protocols With Versatility Opposite Byzantine Behaviors of Malicious or Selfish Nodes |

Om Prakash Gera, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Secure routing in mobile ad hoc networks(MANETs) has emerged as a important MANET research area. MANETs, by virtue ofthe fact that they are wireless networks, are more vulnerable to intrusion bymalicious agents than wired networks. In wired networks, appropriate physicalsecurity measures, such as restriction of physical access to networkinfrastructures, can be used to attenuate the risk of intrusions. Physicalsecurity measures are less effective however in limiting access to wirelessnetwork media. Consequently, MANETs are much more susceptible to infiltrationby malicious agents. Authentication mechanisms can help to prevent unauthorizedaccess to MANETs. However, considering the high likelihood that nodes withproper authentication credentials can be taken over by malicious entities,there are needs for security protocols which allow MANET nodes to operate inpotential adversarial environments. In this paper, we present a secureon-demand MANET routing protocol, we named Robust Source Routing (RSR). Inaddition to providing data origin authentication services and integrity checks,RSR is able to mitigate against intelligent malicious agents which selectivelydrop or modify packets they agreed to forward. Simulation studies confirm thatRSR is capable of maintaining high delivery ratio even when a majority of the MANETnodes are malicious. Inrecent years, many protocols have been proposed to secure the routing processin mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs). However, there are still many securityissues that have not been fully resolved by these algorithms. Selfishness ofindependent nodes locally degrades network routing efficiency. Also maliciousnodes can easily corrupt the performance of the MANET by showing theirByzantine behaviors and so what is called a wormhole attack. One of thesolutions to defeat the collaborating of malicious nodes is multipath routingalgorithms that can withstand the failure of the primary path and providealternate paths between the source and destination when such attacks happen.