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Female Teachers of Primary Education In Haryana (India) |

Jagdish Prasad, Dr. Prem Mehta, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Primary education in DistrictRohtak, Haryana (India) is lower than those of the male. It becomes difficultto get the targeted candidates while advertising for the vacant posts. But theprimarys’ higher education rate is significant in number. The highly educatedwomen are not interested to go for teaching in primary schools. They have openavenues in other better professions as in general 30% posts for primarycandidates are reserved in all government jobs. Moreover, the privateorganizations and the development partner organizations give preferences to theprimary candidates which also offer attractive pay packages. On the other hand,the urban women are highly educated than those of the rural women. It is one ofthe important causes of more primary teachers’ participation in urban schools.While in rural areas the women are not highly educated. In many cases they haveminimum level of education (SSC). But they are not so motivated to join in asprimary school teachers. The causes are in consistent with the independentvariables (salary, academic qualification, environment,  supervision, culture)  as  mentioned in  the  chapter one.  The  poor salary, inconvenient school and social environment, masculine attitudesin supervision and over all masculine culture of the society cause the womenless interested to join in primary school as a teachers.