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Study on Primary Education Development Program (Pedp)-Ii |

Jagdish Prasad, Dr. Prem Mehta, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


It is  observed  that the  Government  of District Rohtak ,Haryana(India) is  highly  concerned about  gender development. Thereare constitutional provision to acknowledge the rights and privileges of womenin Haryana.  The Government has reservedquota for the Primary teachers. To prioritize the women entrance in primaryeducation government has set lower criteria for the primary candidates at theentry level in primary education than those of the male candidates. The Primaryteachers are also given priority for placement and transfer as of theirconvenience; either near to their parents’ residence or near to their husband’sresidences. But having these advantages women participation is only 38%. Thereasons found behind it are that the highly educated primarys are unlike tojoin in primary schools. In village areas it is rare to get primary candidateswith the minimum criteria. Moreover, the village schools’ infrastructure is notgood. The Primary teachers hardly get motivated to work there. In a masculinesociety like District Rohtak, Haryana (India); the male head teachers or othersupervisors’ attitudes are arrogant and tough. They always posses a negativeattitudes towards Primary teachers. These cause a great dissatisfaction to the Primary teachers. Even though, thegovernment is continuing  it effort toaccommodate more Primary teachers and thus to bring equality between male andPrimary teachers. This can be a get way of making the Primary teachers satisfiedto their profession.