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Crc to Support Internet Protocol – Ipv6 |

A. S. Shahsad, Dr. K. V. Purushothaman, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


IPV6 is a new technology that has been developing as areplacement for existing  Internetprotocol, IPV4. IPV6 was designed with same additional features to the IPV4. Inorder to meet the requirement of fast growing internet, we must switch fromIPV4 to IPV6. IPV6 is a datagram protocol same as IPV4 having 128 bit addressesinstead of 32 bit in IPV4. An IPV6 packet transmitted through the internet hasto pass through many routers along the network. Therefore chances of occurrenceof error increases. So error detection/ correction method is to be utilized forthe data. CRC is one of the most popular error detection mechanism. Here CRC isused to generate a checksume over the modified field at transmission nodesinstead of  calculating CRC over thewhole frame. In the modified it is 1 byte hop limit only, so there is no needto calculate CRC for the whole frame in intermediate nodes. By calculating CRConly for the modified field of a frame helps to increase the processing time atthe sender, receiver and also the overall processing time of an IPV6 packet.