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Countryside Development of Allahabad City Through Ict |

Garima Srivastava, Dr. M. K. Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The ruralplanning is one of the most important responsibilities of a government of anycountry. Rural planning consists of countryside development, socio-economicdevelopment, maintenance of public security and their benefit. Inthis new era, the period of huge globalisation and the level of technologybeing used, there is a requirement to take new and well defined initiatives forfulfilling the ever growing challenges. The gather speed growth rate of thehuman population in rural areas of any country requires a well developed ruralinfrastructure. In India huge majorityof human population lives in villages. For this it is required to makesynchronized efforts to develop a well defined rural developmental plan byintegrating modern technologies. Rural planning and its effectiveness are beingdebated, the need for ‘planning’ is again revisited in a favourable manner andits need acutely felt.  In India ruralplanning and its effectiveness needs very much concentration. This paper triesto catch the attention for developing the rural areas of Allahabad city, UttarPradesh, India.