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Ict and E-Governance: a Complete Overview |

Ms. Monika Gupta, Ms. Shivangi Shah, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The emerging technologies havechanged the face of Indian government as e-governance .The efforts of theNational Informatics Center (NIC) to connect the entire district headquartersduring the eighties was a watershed. From the early nineties, e‐governance has seen the use of IT for wider sectoral applicationswith policy emphasis on reaching out to rural areas and taking in greaterinputs from NGOs and private sector as well. While the emphasis was initiallyon automation and computerization, later on efforts began to be made intoconnectivity, networking, setting up systems for processing information anddelivering services. At a micro level, this ranged from IT automation inindividual departments, electronic file handling, and access to entitlements,public grievance systems, service delivery for high volume routine transactionssuch as payment of bills, tax dues to meeting poverty alleviation goals throughthe promotion of entrepreneurial models and provision of marketinformation.   Keeping in mind the variouspositive impacts of e‐governance; in May 2006, theGovernment of India approved the National e‐Governance Plan (NeGP) with the vision: "Make all Governmentservices accessible to the common man in his locality, throughout commonservice delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliabilityof such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the commonman". As government is trying its level best to make various governmentservices easily approachable to common man, ICT is proving its worth in makingthis dream a reality. Integration of NeGP and new emerging technologies likecloud computing, Data and web mining, Artificial Intelligence will help in connectingthe nation at all levels. In this paper we will be discussing e-governancepolicies, its impact and a new conceptual framework along with its futurescope. In nut shell we are emphasizing the impact of newer coming technologieson present e-governance infrastructure.