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“A Comparative Study of Equity Based Mutual Fund of Reliance and Hdfc” |

Sonam Jain, Dr. K. C. Goel, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Mutual funds are key contributors to the globalization offinancial markets and one of the main sources of capital flows to emergingeconomies. Despite their importance in emerging markets, little is known abouttheir investment allocation and strategies. This study provides an overview ofmutual fund activity in emerging markets. It describes about their size andtheir asset allocation. All fund managers are not successful in the formationof the portfolio and so the study also focuses on the empirically testing onthe basis of fund manager performance and analyzing data at the fund-managerand fund-investor levels. The study revealed that the performance is affectedby the saving and investment habits of the people and at the second side theconfidence and loyalty of the fund Manager and rewards- affects the performanceof the MF industry in India.