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A Comparative Study of Applications In Academic Projects Using Reverse Engineering Tools |

Varun Singh Chauhan, Abhay Saxena, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Purpose- The aim of this paper is tointroducing a well defined framework for software reverse engineering,applicable in academic projects, reverse engineering tools, steps, andconcepts. Design/methodology/approach-This paper presents an abstract model with some practical applications, usingreverse engineering at application level.  Findings- Application software reverseengineering framework established in this paper can lessen the well known gapof software industry and academics. Using these concepts students andfresher/programmer can get a real touch of project development andintegration.     Practicalimplications- Design and development capabilities of academic students willdefinitely grow by applying practical approach of this paper. Automated reverseengineering tools and guidelines of this paper are directly applicable inacademics. Originality/value- oftware reverse engineering has beenused for many years for maintenance and source code generation (if lost). Thispaper expands these classical concepts to a wider range so that they can beapplied in academic project development. Besides concepts and designingframework introduction to some reverse engineering tools are presented in thispaper