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Impact of Modern Farm Practices on Agricultural Productivity In the State of Uttarakhand |

Yograj Singh, Ankur Bhatnagar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Indian agriculture had reached the stage of developmentand maturity much before the advanced countries of the world embarked on thepath of progress. Research and modern agri-infrastucture determine theagriculture productivity. In this paper we have carried the linkage betweenagri-infrastucture and modern farm practices on agriculture productivity ofUttarakhand. Uttarakhand, one of the newly farmed states of India has beenchosen for the present study. In Uttarakhand some district like Udham SinghNagar and Haldwani have the intensity of food grain production higher than allIndia average for cereals. However other districts are bellowing the all Indiaaverage. Those districts, which have higher intensity of production, employmodern farm practices. Further it has been argued that for increased productionthe inter regional imbalance in agri-infrastucture must be eradicated.