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Information Noise and the Role of Ontology In Information Retrieval System |

Dr. S. K. Panday, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Recent Information Retrieval systems have been developedaccording to the time of web 1.0, when the web pages were very few and it waseasy to filter them but now in the time of information explosion, when everyonecontributing on web these Information Retrieval system starting to generateInformation Noise; they are retrieving information which is not according tothe need of the user. Ontology which is one of the part of Semantic webprovides richer integration and interoperability of data and permit thedevelopment of application that search across diverse area of information ormerge information to reduce information noise. Present paper is the study oftraditional Information Retrieval System their mechanism and how Ontologies canbe efficiently applied to reduce Information noise by providing semanticrepresentation of information in documents.