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Using Agility In Measurement to Improve Software Metrics |

Garima Rastogi, Dr. Mp. Thapliyal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Traditionally, software development has been managedthrough plan based approaches that are full of limitations such as poorquality, not meeting customer requirements, unrealistic project developmentdurations etc. To overcome all these problems agile software developmentmethods and techniques have gained attention in the recent few years. The mainmotive behind adopting agile software development is to improve end-productquality, enhance developer’s moral and achieve stakeholder satisfaction.However, agile adoption always comes with special challenges and thusfundamental organizational changes are necessary for successful outcomes. Agilesoftware methodologies are quickly becoming widely used in a variety ofindustry projects; their flexibility provides the means to address many commonproblems faced in the development of software system. Agile software projectsare characterized by iterative and incremental development, accommodation ofchanges and active customer participation. The process is driven by creatingbusiness value for the client, assuming that the client (1) is aware of it, and(2) is capable to estimate the business value, associated with the separatefeatures of the system to be implemented. With this research we will try toreview and discuss the current usage of measurement theory in softwareengineering also we will outline some steps to help an organization to startand sustain a measurement program.