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Analysis on Role of Tempestuous Advances In Computer Technology |

Garima Vashishtha, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A briefdescription of the non-thermal plasma generation schemes which are most suitedin textile surface processing has been provided here. There areseveral constraints for a technique to be preferred over the other in surfacemodification. The process parameters, appropriate choice of gas, operatingconditions along with plasma parameters decide the suitability of anatmospheric cold plasma source for a particular application. Cold plasmasources used in surface treatment must have a sufficiently high electron numberdensity to provide a useful flux of active species but not so high or energeticas to damage the material treated. These constraints rule out dark dischargesother than coronas for most applications because of their low production rateof active species; and arc or torch plasma which have power densities andactive species flux intensities high enough to damage the exposed material.Glow discharge plasmas whether operated at 1 atm or under vacuum, possess theappropriate density and active species flux for nearly all plasma surfacetreatment applications.