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Potato Beetle Progenies Extreme Resistance In Somatic Hybrids of Solanum Clones |

Kusumlata Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The Colorado potato beetle (CPB) is amajor insect pest that is controlled mainly through the use of pesticides.Development of potato clones with multiple forms of host plant resistance mayprovide a stable alternative or supplemental form of CPB control. Tetraploidhybrids were developed by somatic fusion of diploid interspecific Solanum clones with different formsof resistance to CPB. Hybrids were created between a clone containing leptineglycoalkaloids and four clones producing glandular trichomes. One fusionproduced vigorous hybrids that were analyzed for CPB resistance traits.Somaclonal variation among hybrids was detected for trichome density andresistance to feeding by adult and larval beetles. Somatic hybrids were lessresistant than the parents in adult feeding preference trials, but several weremore resistant than either parent in larval feeding trials. Future studies areneeded to determine whether clones producing both glandular trichomes andleptines express resistance that is more stable than that of clones with onlyone resistance factor.