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Study on Sorensen Method Among Other Back Functional Measures |

Anupkrishanan Janakiram, Dr. P. N. Deshmukh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The Sorensen test is the method most frequentlyinvestigated and reported in the literature. Among other back functionalmeasures, Biering-Sorensen4 describes this method of testing isometric backendurance; it measures how long (to a maximum of 240 seconds) the subject can keepthe unsupported trunk (from the upper border of the iliac crest) horizontalwhile prone on an examination table. During the test, the buttocks and legs arefixed to the table by 3 wide canvas straps and the arms are folded across thechest. The subject is asked to maintain the horizontal position until he or shecan no longer control the posture or has no more tolerance for the procedure oruntil symptoms of fatigue are reached. Several authors report using Bering-