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Connections of Handgrip Strength With Selected Hand-Arm-Anthropometric Variables In Indian Inter-College Female Volleyball Players |

Deepa Yadav, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Themotivation behind this study was to appraise the predominant handgrip qualityand its connections with some hand and arm anthropometric variables in 101irregularly chose Indian between-school female volleyball players matured 18-25years (mean age 20.52 ± 1.40) from six Indian colleges. Threeanthropometric variables, i.e. tallness, weight, BMI, two hand anthropometricvariables, viz. right and left hand width and length, four arm anthropometricvariables, i.e. upper a safe distance, lower arm length, upper limit length,upper arm outline and predominant right and non-overwhelming handgrip qualitywere measured around Indian between-college female volleyball players bystandard anthropometric strategies.