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Analysis of Cylinder Pressure and Heat Release Rate With Exhaust Emission and Fuel Consumption In a Diesel Engine |

Mukesh V. Khot, Dr. B. S. Kothavale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Individual cylinder  pressure  based feedback  control  is an  ideal  method to optimize engine operation. In-cylinder pressure is a fundamentalcombustion variable,  which  can be  used  to characterize  the  combustion process  for  each combustion event. Optimal  engine control  can  be maintained  by  monitoring the pressure in  each cylinder and using this information forfeedback control in order  to  minimize the  exhaust  gas emissions.  The  availability of  low  cost and robust  pressure  sensors, such  as  the glow  plug  installed pressure  sensor (GPPS) isexpected  to  lead to  the wide  adoption of cylinder-pressure-based enginecontrol diesel engines. In order  to  identify the most  effective  parameters to  use  when controlling combustion based on cylinder pressure information, a seriesof experiments were  carried  out with  varying  injection timings  and  EGR levels.  This paper  presents the  results  obtained and  discusses  the potential  key parameters  that may  be  used for  closed  loop control  using  an in-cylinder pressure transducer. This paper  will  also look  at  the combustion  properties  for combined hydrogen/diesel combustion. It  was  necessary to find  an  appropriate running  point  for the  engine  in purely diesel  mode  to act  as  a base  point.  Once this point was found, an experimentaltest matrix for the combined EGR and hydrogen investigation was set up.