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Effectiveness of Working Capital Management For Profitability In Cement Industries |

Neha Bansal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The goal of the exploration put forth here is to furnishthe exact confirmation about the effect of working capital management on theprofitability of an example of assembling firms in India. In view of this. In thisrespect, I examined the effect of diverse WCM's variables (Cash ConversionCycle, Number of days record receivables, Number of days of stock, and Numberof day's records payables). I likewise measured effects of Sales Growth andSize of the firm on profitability. I have discovered that there is a potentiallinkage between working capital and profitability in assembling firms. Theeffects indicated that there is an effect of size of the firm on theprofitability, and no any effect of different variables. Through the broadexploration, I have discovered that there is solid and positive association inelevated worth expansion firms. The association is altogether statistical.