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A Comparative Analysis of Electrical Goods Assembling Units of India About Working Capital Management |

Neha Bansal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The associations in the electrical supplies industry haveperformed equitably well for budgetary year 2010. The bargains of a largeportion of the associations have expanded which has brought about a generallyspeaking build of 10.39% for the year 2010 as contrasted with the year 2009. Inthis Industry the Multi-Product associations includes associations like ABB,Areva T&D, Crompton, L&T, Siemens, BHEL and so forth. The exhibition ofthe aforementioned associations (Multi-Product) is reasonably well for the year2010. The bargains have expanded by 9.8%, Operating benefit has expanded by37.9% for the year 2010. The management of Working Capital is a standoutamongst the most significant and challenging part of the generally speakingexhibition of the conglomeration. Just more adequate and proficient managementof working capital can guarantee survival of a business venture. WorkingCapital Management is concerned with the situations that go out in endeavoringto administer the Current Assets, Current Liabilities and the interrelationthat exists between them. This study examinations the similar investigation ofworking capital management in Indian Electrical Equipment Industry and it isconstrained to the associations BHEL and ABB Ltd act for open and privatedivision endeavors separately. Applicable information has been concentratedfrom the back to back twelve-month reports between fiscal years 2005-06 to2009-10 of both the associations.