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Retailer's Optimal Replenishment Policy With Trade Credit Under Inflationary and Fuzzy Environment With Different Demand Pattern |

Vijay Gupta, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Inthe present paper, inventory models has been developed by incorporating someadditional features like impreciseness in costs, inflation, deterioration andcredit period offered by supplies to the retailer which can be associated witha number of different types of inventory. By taking impreciseness in cost parameters,decision-makers absorb all the turbulence in cost due to market fluctuation.Inflation permits a proper recognition of the financial implication.-of theopportunity cost in inventory analysis. Generally, supplier offers differentprice-discount on purchase of item of retailers at different delay periods.Suppliers allow maximum delay period, after which they will not take a risk ofgetting back money from retailers or any other loss of profit. That is why whendelay period M is greater than M3, then purchasing cost is infinite,i.e., the supplier will not agree to sale items to retailers after the delayperiod M3.