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Study on Aspect of Games and Their Influence on Personality Development |

Patil Rohit Vijay, Dr. P. N. Deshmukh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Self-confidenceof the subjects was assessed by administering the self-confidence inventory onthe sample adhering to prefixed schedule. However, before administration of theinventory, the subjects were informed regarding the purpose of the study andproper rapport was established with them. On completion of the inventory, scoring was done with the help ofscoring key. Final high school examination marks of the students were collectedfrom the official records of the concerned schools.    The students were classified into threegroups using their self-confidence scores on the oasis of the quartiledeviation. The top 23 per cent as low self-confidence subjects, and the bottom23 per cent as high self-confidence subjects. The subjects scoring within therange of 32.50th and 62.50 the percentiles were classified as averageself-confidence subjects.