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A Comparative Study on Quarterly Report Associated With Reliance Marketing Communications Within the Economic Benefits For the Quarter Ended |

Md. Hasnain Hashmi, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In today's business environment the world is shrinkingrapidly. ompanies no ware not restrictedby boundaries of countries. Technologyis the main driving factor behind this emergence of aclosely knit businessworld The need for faster communication and decision making is gaining immenseimportance. Moreover, easier access to the web has been very effective for thecompany as well as its employees. In this emerging conquest for highlycustomized products, there has been a growing demand for  fficient tools for processing the productsand its related documennts. All functions such as sales, marketing,manufacturing, service, and even human resources affect not only the bottomline but also a company's financial integrity. The main aim of this project isto understand the various functions of marketing division in the day to daybusiness activities in the telecom sector for its Value Added Services.