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Application of Mathematical Methods In Different Situations of Life |

Pankaj Patel, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Mathematicsin today’s multifaceted professional arena has facilitated man and allman-created system broadly. Be it a business, government, education or; in allaspects, it has done well. Now, it is a more dynamic concept as compare topast. Now we are highly interested in knowing those tools and techniques inmathematics, which can prove useful for human life and the society as a vast.We are in search of those methods of mathematics, which can assist our dailylife by helping in achieving individual, group as well as institutional andcommercial objectives. On this place where we have to make some decisions, wemost depend upon some scientific and mathematical procedures to ensure accuracyin judgments. Quantitative techniques now become very important in the contextof ever changing environment, where we have to make decisions in complexsituation. In the modern content of business and society, decisions are made onthe basis of premises that the assumptions made are explicitly stated and tothe extent possible are widely expressed in quantitative terms along withintuitive decision methods, where decisions variables are difficult to expressin quantitative terms and in unavoidable situations.