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Study on Management Information Systems In It |

Sudesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


At its most fundamental level this is across-sectional study designed to collect descriptive data on the issuessurrounding IT implementation. This study represents the perceptions of SMLGadministrators in the State of Virginia and provides a “snapshot” of theirissues as they exist in the municipalities current environment. The perceptionsdetailed here are very important because in the volatile area of IT allinvolved individuals and organizations are trying to make proactive headway.Public and private sector organizations across the country are involved inimproving or changing their IT implementation strategies. This study uses theperceptions of a distinct group of respondents who are part of a limitedgeographic area to identify and flesh out a series of issues. A cross sectionalstudy was determined to be especially useful since the purpose was to gatherpertinent information on individual attitudes and explore areas for furtherresearch. The data produced in this study is essentially a screening forvariables, which may prove to be worthy of further study.