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Different Kind of Attacks on Wlan |

Amardeep Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Different types of attacks and threats are categorized into two main parts. These type of attacks are considered to be general incontext for every WLANs and will described further in detail with theirdrawbacks and solutions. 1.   Logical Attack 2.   PhysicalAttack A logical attack always relates with the software, systemand the sensitive data flowing in the network. In this type of attack the targetof the intruder is to find the code and software or any drawback in the networkwhich will help the intruder to access the network and altered the sensitivedata easily. The main target of this attack is to find the sensitive dataflowing in the network. If the attacker is successful, then this attack willproduce lot of problems for the network as well as for all the networks that isin connection with. Some logical attacks are defined below with theirmitigation techniques. MAC addresses are sent over the medium when communicationhas to start between the node and the AP. When any node tries to establish aconnection with AP (access point) it must be authenticated through its MACaddress of Wireless NICs to make the connection more secure. In the normal processof authentication the MAC addresses are forwarded in the clear text form andany attacker can pick the address of any authenticated user while usingdifferent tools like kismet. It will create a data base of legal wireless nodesand also their MAC addresses.