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In Silico Parameters of Methioninase of Pseudomonas Putida |

Srilakshmi Chennupati, Summer Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Pseudomonas putida was transformedwith the binary plasmid pRSET, in which the Metase gene was placed downstreamof the constitutive promotersand transformants were selected on the basis of ampicillin resistance.  Forty ampicillin resistant colonies wereobtained and analyzed. Seven transformants showed significantly higherMethioninase activity. The Methinonisae produced by these transformants wasanalysed further by isolating the protein in pure form and assaying its enzymeactivity. In silico studies proved thatthe isolated gene product codes for methioninase enzyme. Basing on the studiesof the methioninase enzyme of our isolate, as the Ramachandran plot dictates,the three dimensional structure of the protein predicted was given.