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A Study of Amitav Ghosh’S –The Hungry Tide: Beautiful Environments Saga |

Shruti Sharma, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


TheHungry Tide is the sixth novel byIndian-born author, Amitav Ghosh. It tells a very contemporary story ofadventure and unlikely love, identity and history, set one of the mostfascinating regions on the earth. Off the esatermost coast of India, in the Bayof Bengal, lies the immense labyrinth of tiny islands known as the Sundarbans.For settlers here, life is extremely precarious. Attacks by deadly tigers arecommon. Unrest and eviction are constant threats. Without warning, at any time,tidal floods rise and surge over the land, leaving devastation in their wake.In this place of vengeful beauty, the lives of three people from differentworlds collide. Piyali Roy is a young marine biologist, of Indian descent butstubbornly American, in search of a rare, endangered rive dolpin, Orcaella brevirostires. Her journeybegins with a disaster, when she is thrown from a boat into crocodile-infestedwaters. Rescue comes in the form of a young, illiterate fisherman, Fokir.Although they have no language between them, Piyali and Fokir are powerfullydrawn to each other, sharing an uncanny instinct for the ways of the sea. Piyaengages Fokir to help with her research and finds a translator in Kanai Dutt, abusinessman from Delhi whose idealistic aunt and uncle are longtime settlers inthe Sundarbans. As the three of them launch into the elaborate backwaters, theyare drawn unawares into the hidden undercurrents of this isolated world, wherepolitical turmoil exacts a personal toll that is every bit as powerful as theravaging tide. Already an international success, The Hungry Tide is a propheticnovel of remarkable insight, beauty and humanity.