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Critical Success Factor of Erp In Indian Smes |

Swati Saxena, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The global economic crisis has put the spotlight on manybusiness organizations of any size. With India not being spared of the impact,large establishments have attempted to tackle this crisis in their own ways.SME’s are increasingly being brought into focus on account of their huge growthpotential. The SME sector in India, which contributes almost half of India’s GDP and is home to a slew of businessopportunities. SME’s can carve out value-adding niches for themselves and playan important role at a time when global corporations revisit their establishedsupply and sourcing patterns as a response to the changed business climate. Inthe need to remain competitive, they are looking at supply chain areas andEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions seemed to have emerged as readymade solutions to many SME’s. Therefore, it's of particular interest to analyzethe operating implementations, in order to identify the success cases, thenature, and measure of the benefits obtained and the context andproject-related factors which can influence the chances of a positive outcome.