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Study on Pollution of Water and Soil Due to Copper Mining In Khetari Copper Mine Project |

Bhoop Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Pollutant concentrations were measured in water and soilat the vicinity of Khetri copper mining project Rajasthan to investigate theinfluence of copper mining on environment. Pollutant concentrations in waterand soil were determined by Spectrophotometer. Metal concentration in watersamples were found greater than the normal soil copper concentration due towashing away of mineral with water. In the water sample collected from regionmetal concentration ranges from 22.5 mg/liter to 695.56 mg/liter, whereas insoil sample at a depth of 12 inches metal concentration ranges from 9.37 mg/kgto 194.16 mg/kg and soil sample on surface ranged from 4.9mg/kg to 143.72mg/kg.High concentration of copper was found in the water near mining site withmaximum 695.56 mg/liter copper, at a site of 500mts from mining with maximum400mg/liter and at a distance of one kilometer from mining sits 150mg/kgcopper. The present study reflects the elevated concentration of copper inwater and soils at the vicinity of Khetri mining sites.