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A Study on Marketing Strategies of Household Appliances |

Mrs. Rajesh Bala, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


As an art and a science, marketing is undergoing dramaticand exciting changes, and the field promises to be just as dynamic in the yearsahead. Marketing has emerged as the most critical function in today'sinternational business climate; even the smallest firms are now usinginnovative marketing techniques to compete globally. When we examine the historical perspective of marketingit is apparent that the traditional mode of trading has blossomed into themodern techniques of marketing. Whenever a person made more than what he neededor wanted, the foundation was laid for trade and trade is the heart ofmarketing. Although the essence of marketing is as old as trade itself,marketing emerged as a serious subject of study and has been accepted as amajor management discipline only since the middle of the present century. Thestarting point of complexity of modern marketing can be attributed to the massproduction of goods and services due to factory form of organisation be gettedby industrial revolution. From this production orientation stage emphasis hadshifted to sales and later to consumer satisfaction and now the scope ofmarketing has widened to imbibe a pulsating progressives social outlook.