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An Evaluative Study on the Open Source Software For Building Digital Libraries |

Pooja Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Information technology has played animportant role in library and information science. Due to the developments ininformation technology, now, it is possible for libraries to provide severalnew services to the library users along with traditional services. Librariesare now able to provide information in print form as well as in digital form. During 1980s libraries started automatingtheir bibliographic databases and during 1990s digital library projects wereinitiated. As on today, lot of developments have taken place in digitizingprint media. At national and international level several big funding projectshave been initiated to digitize valuable material available within thelibraries for the preservation as well as for providing wider access to thecollections through latest technologies. Digital libraries have been making theirroots in the library profession as a separate discipline and many conferences,workshops and seminars are taking place in the area of digital libraries.  These conferences are covering differenttopics under digital libraries such as collection development and organization,user studies, digital library architecture, usability studies, search andretrieval, digital library software or providing value added services to endusers. Digital libraries are becoming popular andare becoming one of the important activities of any organization. The rapidgrowth in computing networks, databases and public awareness have contributedto a hot topic of today such as digital libraries, digital archives,institutional repositories or digital repositories.