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A Study on Resource Sharing and Networking of College Libraries |

Pooja Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The education and library have been inseparables sincedawn of civilization. Their co-existence has been attributed to many landmarksin knowledge creation and scholarship. There are number of instances wherelibraries of educational institutions were the predominantly learning centersand are being quoted in the historical texts and therefore have been one of theintegral parts of all education and learning, more so in the institutions ofhigher learning. The birth of moveable type of printing in the 15th CenturyA.D. brought the first conceptual change in the content of libraries. Thechange in type and shape of reading materials made tremendous difference and theuniversal growth and democratization of education is also attributed to thisdiscovery. Since that time, the libraries started acquiring new media and alsoa new role to support the academic programmes of all educational institutions. The library in an educational institution is nowconsidered as actively participating intermediary between the learners and thevast storehouse of information resources, between classroom lectures and thevast sources of information where the content of the lectures are drawn. Thelibrarian has extended his role now from keeper of information resources tobecome a true friend and a perfect guide for the learners in an academicsetting. Academic library is therefore an integral part of theentire academic system. It promotes teaching, research, learning, and problemsolving and provides endless services to the real education and ascertains thatit is a veritable center of academic learning for self-achievement.