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A Comparative Study on Sustenance Possibilities Via Sericulture |

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Sustenanceera is one of the major probabilities of sericulture and silk industry.Sericulture has risen as the most imperative money trim with least speculation,low growth period, high occupation potential and greatly gainful return. It isoverall suited to the agrarian economy of the Tribal. Suitable for each area ofsocial order, an enormous farmer or a landless, matured individual or a young,man or a woman. Includes basic technology, which is not difficult to comprehendand embrace. Sericulture has furnished downstream livelihood and income era incountry and semi-urban regions, high support for low-income and socially underadvantaged assemblies. This study examine that how sericulture satisfy thechances of sustenance for tribal. The study uncovers that-Sericulture is theaction of low speculation and high yield. The study closes with a few prescriptionsto enhance the enduring feasibility of sericulture.