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A Profile About Several Improvements In Sericulture Procedure |

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Sericulture is one of the eldest callings the humanedeveloped and honed. Weaving as a specialty likewise developed freely inantiquated China, India, and Thailandand also in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa and in South America. The procedure of working out new procedures proceeded fora long time and proceeds even today. With the change from subsistencecultivating to the present business framework and consolidation of mechanicaltechnology have acquired extreme changes in both sericulture and weavingindustry. Thus, individuals understand the present day procedures embraced forbusiness framework may be unsustainable in the long run. At present,researchers are re studying the traditional or indigenous know how andinvestigating potential outcomes of utilizing the old practices whereverconceivable.