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Survey on Library Automation Activities In India |

Renu, Dr. R. N. Malviya, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


From the user point of view cataloguing system is mostimportant and also forms the base for other library activities. Keeping thesetwo points in view UNESCO developed a PC based software titled 'CDS/ISIS' andis available at a very nominal price to all the libraries in developingcountries. For details librarians may contact ATIRA/NISSAT. This software canexport data in ISO 2709 format and therefore at later stage if one decides togo in for some other software, data transfer poses no problem. INFLIBNET hasdeveloped public domain library software titled 'ILMS' which is available onDOS AND UNIX platform. With the recent government policy the PCs and otheraccessories have become affordable. The in-house training for handling thesoftware is usually provided by the developers and one can choose the softwarewhich can suit their budget. However, training for CDS/ISIS is available atINSDOC, INFLIBNET and DRTC. For further information on training programmes onecan contact NISSAT. The training of library staff also depends on the level ofautomation. If one decides to go only for cataloguing a minimum training of oneor two week’s duration will enable the librarians to develop a database andmaintain it. With this basic training one can easily transfer the same data ona server/main machine in a network environment. The job becomes easy as most ofthe institutions have systems department with computer professionalsmaintaining the network.