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Different Utility and Services of Web Based Library: a Review on Select University Libraries In India |

Sandeep Prakesh Jadhav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper concentrates on the utilization of web-basedlibrary services by users in distinctive areas of the university libraries in Indiaand analyzes how a portion of the University libraries give web access to theiraccumulations and user uphold for that right to gain entrance and the issuesfaced by users in entering web-based library services. Discoveries show that asignificant number of the studied university libraries are yet to endeavor fullpotential of the web shapes, and lingering behind in adequate utilization oflibrary website. A couple of libraries offer creative web-based libraryservices in diverse segments. The paper highlights the current state ofweb-based library services against which they can benchmark their own web-basedlibrary services by university bookkeepers in India.