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Analysis on Customers’ Satisfaction -- Nova Desi Ghee |

Suman Pannu, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


A person's likes anddislikes changes from time to time or, says it is very unstable. Anyone havinga need and is willing and able to sacrifice money is called consumer. Byignoring the preferences of the consumer the business community cannot possiblyfulfill its obligations in a responsible manner. The effect of various externaland internal factors on a consumer can be understood by different psychologicaltheories. External factors include social habitat, correspondence and friendcircle etc. Internal factors comprise in a consumer psyche and others likelifestyle, trends, personality, motivation etc. have a considerable on theresponse of the consumer. This research is something about that explains how abuying process begins and the end result of buying decision. With the help ofthis study the relation of consumer behavior with the product, price, promotionetc is revealed.