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A Analysis on Design and Efficiency of Window Frames |

Mr. Kulkarni Prasad Ramchandra, Dr. Brijesh Tripathi, Mr. Powar Rajendra Sadashiv, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Window frame material has noteworthy effect on thethermal performance of the window. Additionally, with economical design turninginto a need, window frame materials need to have larger amounts of naturalperformance to be recognized supportable. Subsequently, a comprehensiveperformance metric is required to evaluate window frame material. Threecomparable frames were recognized, produced from aluminum, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), and wood. To begin with their thermal performance was assessed andthought about utilizing a heat transfer model. At that point, carbon footshaped impressions of the three materials were acknowledged for 1m2of window area with a comparable thermal performance. It was discovered thatthe thermal, and in addition the ecological, performance of the wooden windowframe was better than those of aluminum and PVC. Then again aluminum frames hadhigh natural sways and nearly lower thermal performance. This study furnishesan all-encompassing perspective on window frames by recognizing both ecologicaland thermal performance.