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A Research Upon Advancement and Application of New Cutting Tool Materials |

Mr. Shah Ajay Pravinchandra, Dr. Dhananjay Gupta, Mr. Naniwadekar Ambaprasad Madhukar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Many types of toolmaterials, ranging from high-carbon steel to ceramics and diamonds, are used ascutting tools in today's metalworking industry. It is important to be awarethat differ­ences do exist among tool materials, what these differences are,and the correct application for each type of material. The various toolmanufacturers assign names and numbers to their products. Many of these namesand numbers may appear to be similar, but the applications of these toolmaterials may be entirely different. In most eases the tool manufacturers willprovide tools made of the proper material for each given application. In someparticular applications, a premium or higher-priced material will be justified. This does not mean that the most expensive tool is alwaysthe best tool. Cutting-tool users cannot afford to ignore the constant changesand advancements that are being made in the field of tool material technology.When a tool change is needed or anticipated, a performance com­parison shouldbe made before selecting the tool for the job. The optimum tool is not neces­sarilythe least expensive or the most expensive, and It is not always the same as thetool that was used for the job last time. The best tool is the one that hasbeen carefully chosen to get the job done quickly, efficiently, andeconomically.