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A Study on the Development of Polymer Photovoltaic Devices |

Anju Dahiya, Dr. Vivek Verma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Polymer photovoltaics offer great technological potentialas a renewable, alternative source of electrical energy. The potentialadvantages of an all-polymer hetero-junction solar cell include: low cost(large scale production using the existing polymer processing technology),large area (plastic thin films can be produced with macroscopic dimensions),flexibility (the mechanical properties of polymers). The materials used arehydrocarbon-based non-toxic molecules, and the production of these thin filmsolar cells is done at room temperature without any dangerous exhausts. Sincethe band gap of polymeric semiconductors can be manipulated, it is possible totune the colour of the solar cells, which in return is uniquely important forarchitecture.